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Stainless Steel Wires & Bars (SS)

Rope Wires (Auto Cable Inner & Outer)

We offer quality stainless steel wires for Steel Ropes. The High Tensile Strength of the rope wires make them suitable for critical industrial applications. Our Wires have smooth surface, high corrosion resistant, high fatigue strength, excellent heat resistance and are free from Lateral / longitudinal cracks, pits and marks etc.

Grades 302, 304, 310 /310S, 314 & 316
Diameter 0.05mm to 5.00**mm
Condition Hard
Finishes Bright or Matt finish
Applications Ropes for Lifts, Industrial Cranes, Auto Cable Inners and Outers

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Stainless Steel Rope Wires Manufacturer

Weaving, Braiding Hoses, Scrubbers, Filters & Sieves Wires

Fine Wires in Bright Annealed Conditions, have high resistance to corrosion and a very bright lustrous surface.

Grades 202, 304/304L, 310, 310S, 314, 316, 316L, 430L etc.
Diameter 0.05mm to 0.80**mm in Coils/Spools
Condition Bright Soft, 1/2 Hard & 3/4 Hard
Finishes Bright & Smooth
Applications Wire Meshes, Filters, Sieves, Scrubbers, Weaving, Braiding Hose, Jewellary, Shots, Brushes, Staples etc.

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Steel Fine Wires in Weaving, Braiding Hoses, Scrubbers, Filters & Sieves Wires

Bright Bars

Our Bright Bars are available as per customer's requirement. The maximum length of the bar will be 6 meters. The tolerance level for different diameters are as per specifications.

Grades AISI 200, 300, 400
Diameter 3.00 mm to 16.00**mm
Finishes Cold Drawn, Centreless Grinded or Polished.
Applications Nozzles, Couplings, Threaded Bars, Stainless Steel Threaded Bars, Equipment Shaft, Hardware Products & Other Household Fittings.

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Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Bright Bars

Scrubber Wires

Stainless Steel Wires for Scrubbing applications have a very bright smooth finish and the extra softness enables further cold working by the customer.

Grades 304, 410 & 430
Diameter 0.13 mm to 0.80 mm**
Condition Annealed & Wet drawn
Finishes Bright & Smooth
Applications Scrubbers

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Scrubber Wires

Heat Resisting Wire (Conveyor Belts)

These wires are used in manufacturing of Conveyor Belts, which are exposed to high temperatures & oxidation, under severe conditions.

Grades 304/304L, 310/3105, 314 and 316
Diameter 0.30mm to 5.00mm**
Condition Annealed & Drawn
Finishes Bright & Smooth
Applications Conveyor Belts & Filters

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Heat Resisting Wire

** These sizes are regular sizes that we manufacture. Besides them, we can custom made different sizes and finishes as per the customers’ requirement.

Product Range

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